The Internet Is Rotting Away

In This BitBoy Special: The Internet has a problem and if we don’t fix it soon, it could affect history as we know it. The internet was created to be decentralized, but …

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  1. Wow. He seriously hit me in the feels with this one. Top notch though. The voice of reason here. Who know where we can go from here. It's been hitting me, that I feel like we won't really hit another real bear market. Just my two cents.

  2. All this is great it really is. No doubt this wasnt all by accident. This was all planned. But what no one is saying how this is all true but also what is true is that these blockchains are algorithms like that one that could get you flagged as child porn because of your childs baby photo. Everything is public so they know every penny you have and CAN TAX you for everything. Cardano is now going to have every citizen of Ethiopia on its blockchain where it will be on its own section. Im sure they have access to all this. Not that Im against it or anything because Im sure they need a better government. But that was not a coincidence that Ethiopia is going on a cardano but Facebook also blocked tons of pages created by the Ethiopia Gov. Again. not against what they did. Just that they silience your enemies today and u tomorrow. Those elites have enough money to hide for 100 years so dont think they wont go to war and then come as our saviors

  3. are you working with the global kabal? They have just come out and did a practice run of "cleaning" the internet. They're trying to gain control of crypto. Look up World Economic Forum on this. These are the same that did Event 201. The rest is history.

  4. There is a part in George Orwell's 1984 where there is an official national dictionary and every year they subtract words out of it, little by little, in a deliberate attempt at making everyone more stupid.

  5. Finally something that helps people understand why crypto and Blockchain is important. Not just to make money. Hopefully those close minded mainstream media brain washed group of people can wake up and see what's happening to their rights

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