THE LAST Bitcoin & Crypto "Crash" (2021)

Livestreaming the last Bitcoin & Crypto Crash 2021. Don’t get triggered, it’s just a search word. #cryptocrash #bitcoincrash #crypto —————— Official Socials …

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  1. Nice video but I must divulge that it is becoming so frustrating trading in losses all by myself. I've literally blown my account twice and that's the most annoying part of it. How can I get someone I can pay to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market and make me good returns?

  2. You and your brother should work together – it builds interesting dialogue and analysis. You can be our Aussie Altcoin Daily. You guys are clever and would add significant value to the current state we are in – so many Aussies here – you can add so much value together.

  3. With 15k you can have 20-50 dollars allocation and we can make More as x20 or x30, and Don t forget this month for exemple is 10 ido and a very big ido when you make in every ido 500 dollars in ein month you refund your investissement

  4. Jason, with the current group of coins paying insane APY, such as TIME at 87,000%, I believe we need a video explaining how to structure a separate Pizzino portfolio that takes advantage of these rates.

  5. Thanks for the excellent calm down to earth no-nonsense approach. Whenever price pulls pack like this, I tune out the drama and look to add a few thousand USD more BTC and ETH at technical support levels. Been in BTC long enough so I consider these little corrections as normal and healthy especially for a lengthening cycle with a higher ultimate top possibly around mid May to mid June.

  6. Highest inflation since 2003, covit causing high unemployment and low production, china crypto ban, Korea’s recent regulations and the need for cash for mortgages, vehicles, gas, groceries and bills = a down swing in bitcoin probably until mid summer of 2022 but I have been wrong more times than right. The whales will convince you differently but they only own 11% of bit.

  7. It was really hard to pull myself together, especially when you spent your last usdt to buy eth and the next moment it just crashed. I was literally yelling at myself inside "Girl, we've been there, don't panic" but when everybody around start selling, you just can't think properly

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