The Million Dollar Bitcoin/Crypto Investment Strategy That We Use! #Podcast 46

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  1. Good advice. It has taken me a long time to come to the same conclusions. It's been a great ride though. Keep up the good work that you're both doing.

  2. So what is the strategy? What formula are you using? What are you putting that fixed amount into a month? … sorry I’m a bit stupid…. not quite understanding the basic strategy here….ok now I see this website calculator…where are you getting that annual interest from?

  3. I made $700 working good Friday and every hour I worked I pictured the extra digibyte….. I'm devoting every cent of that shift to digi next pay.

  4. I love this channel my god. You guys are amazing. I always get a good laugh but I love hearing everything that comes into the conversation. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi guys, again great show, you absolutely right 100%, people not in to crypto because they don't know it, ignorance is a part of human, remind, no one believes in internet in 80's , mobile phones in 90's, Amazon, apple, green energy etc., now look, crypto going same way, sadly no many people lessen, anyway guys have a nice Easter ,thanks

  6. Great video! Through the years I have spent money on I can’t tell you what. Now I invest as much as can on crypto’s. If I lose it all so what I would have spent it all anyway. But I have a feeling that crypto’s have a great future!!

  7. I think the hard part for me personally is knowing when to stop buying. I have my set goal Number like everyone should but the problem is once you reach that amount of crypto, you always think about "why not more" ? Discipline is the key and not being greedy.

  8. I love the philosophy guys but in truth the only reason BCH does well is that BTC does not perform as desired. BTC’s performance built BCH. I would not count much on BTC.

  9. Good video guys! Someone made the point that the ‘legacy’ media often encourage people to pay every week into the national lottery where you almost certain to lose everything!

    The same $5-$10 s week over the last few years into Bitcoin would have made most people very very wealthy!

  10. Agree with others here. Great video, guys! If in the end, all one wants to do is dramatically improve their standard of living, then this simple approach of DCA and patience is likely the best.

  11. Good vid. Gives me a lil hope:) btc will easy be 10x in ten years, only got to hit 50k. when people are saying 100k to a mil next year. Dollar cost avrageing is the way forward. I stopped gambling and lottery and put into cypto. I lost a lot in end of 17 and 18, but when I brought a load at bottom, overall I'm in a small profit. Where its not as easy to spend as cash in your hand right now and I haven't verified my bank etc, to be able to draw its been a great way for me to save and more then ever been before.

  12. You say you think bitcoin can 10x from existing price. Thats £44,000 in a 10 year (£4000 x 10). You using compounding is different. That is doubling the amalgamated balance price each year with the 100%.

    The sum you are giving is hugely nonsense by using compounding, it becomes 100,000% – 1000x (not 10x) from current price and 4 million in 10 years for a 4k investment and without adding further funds!

    This is the sums you are saying which isn't true. Start fee £4000, Year 1 end £8000, 2 £16000, 3 £32,000, 4 £64,000, 5 £128,00 6 £256,000, 7 £512,000, 8 £1,024,000, 9 £2,048,000, 10 £4,096,000

    Having said that bitcoin did 1333x / 133,000% from 2012 – current price in 2019 £4000 UK. That is in 7 years. £3 in 2012 – £4000 April 2019. These levels of gains aren't there for bitcoin going forward.

    Think your content out a bit better guys, there was enough FUD in 2017 to do a lifetime.

  13. love you guys i got into crypto at the top of the last bull market boy have i learnt a lot after investing into a heap of alt coins and then getting rekt and watching my blockfolio drop 90% not to mention my mental emotions going up and down i to have started dollar cost averaging every 2 weeks into bitcoin alone and guess what no more stress feeling good watching my bitcoin grow by far the best strategy guys hope your followers follow your advice and yes you got to be a little crazy !!!

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