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  1. I bought MTV at kukoin and sent it to my hardwallet for 2,000 coins comission fee. It came in the mmount of 500 coins less than it was supposed . 500 coins is not a lot (kukoin used to set 4,000 coins withdrawal fee) but I'm just wondering how technically this could happen?

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  3. Thank you for the informative video, I appreciate the content on your channel. Can you please make a video on how to transfer the tokens to the Metamask wallet without having to pay the 4000 MTV token fee? I would to like stake the token.

  4. It’s absolute madness that you guys are the only crypto YouTube channel covering this project, you are definitely ahead of the curve and your Community will benefit from it 👌

  5. #Matic really bullish, the polygon network will overturn binance smart chain in the future. Much lower fees. Think about the transition from uniswap to bsc. I expect the same from bsc to Polygon. #Cremepieswap is the new pancakeswap on Polygon Network.

  6. Looking to buy a ledger nano x with your link. Can I store MTV on it? Also, do you have a video on how to do staking? Would love to know more about it. Thanks for the great content as always!

  7. how many months out does anyone think it will take for this to touch a dollar or go beyond? it's crazy to see how quickly it's shot up even though it has been around for a few years.

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