Three Dividend Paying Cryptocurrency Tokens On The Binance Smart Chain To Look Into Now

SafeMoon ($SFM), Tiki Token ($TIKI), Carma Coin ($CARMA) are all hot BSC tokens growing the kinds of communities that popularized Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Crypto tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and sold on PancakeSwap are all the rage right now. So much so that you’re reading about them on a craft beer website. For one, they’re easy to create. Two, trading for them is relatively cheap because they are tied to Binance Coin, which has low gas fees. One of the trends moon shooting in this realm of crypto trading is the emergence of the dividend-paying token. It’s a get rich over a couple of years passive income scheme.

With a passive income or dividend paying token — aka reflection token — on the BSC, a holder is rewarded more of that token — or in some cases, BNB — just for holding a certain amount of the token. Funded by transaction fees written into the smart contract, earned tokens are automatically deposited into the holder’s wallet. This has become a very attractive marketing feature to have attached to a new aspiring altcoin. In fact, dozens of them have been launched in past few months alone.

There are a few things that can really help boost such a token.

  • General marketing — In addition to charging transaction fees for token redistribution, a smart contract can divvy out equity to fund better marketing for the project. These projects were built knowing money has to go back in to grow the holder base.
  • Community building — Each of these projects has used social media to create forums where holders can learn everything there is to know about the token and to encourage hodling, reinvesting and recruitment.
  • Delivering the goods — The distribution works. Besides the uncertainty that comes from unpredictable trading volumes, these contracts have no surprises for your wallet and they each pay out on time.

Three standout projects among the fray of reflection tokens have executed one or more of the above mentioned tactics fairly well since their inception. Not to mention, each is now listed on CoinMarketCap.


Launched in March, 2021, SafeMoon ($SFM) is the most tenured token of this bunch. It is a decentralised finance (DeFi) token that rapidly soared to popularity during the time when Dogecoin began to turn heads in the mainstream and attract new investors into the crypto markets. It gained large followings on Twitter, it has grown a subreddit to 259,000 subscribers and it has a massively populated Telegram — the place where most new tokens are born.

SafeMoon currently boasts almost 2.5 million holders and it has a market cap of around $1.75 billion. Ten percent transaction fees fund liquidity and five percent dividend payments to holders. What makes this token one to watch is how devoted its community and devs are to the project. The roadmap is realistic, and it has tracked fairly accurately. The project has most recently touted the release of a SafeMoon wallet, which promises to make trading easier and less expensive.

Carma Coin

Billed as a charitable token, Carma Coin ($CARMA) is truly unique. Well thought out tokenomics and a grand marketing strategy make this project one to go beyond just investing in. Ironically, you don’t even need to hold Carma in order to benefit from it — although, you will want to hold it.

The founders of Carma Coin give away supercars via random drawings, and anyone–not just token holders–can register for the giveaways. Albeit, registrants who have verified $CARMA in their wallets receive many more additional entries into each contest. Just having launched in May, the Carma Coin project has already awarded six automobiles — a Lamborghini and Ferrari among them. Another reason to get excited about this project is that it has given over $150,000 to charity, and it has a mechanism built into its smart contract to apportion funds for ongoing charitable giving.

Carma Coin aims to become a digital currency for car dealerships, but in the mean time its early investors are hoping it will be a vehicle for super gains. The devs are genuinely bullish on this token, regularly posting trend analyses on the project’s socials. This is one of the rare tokens who first built a community on Facebook, but it is also finding its way on Twitter and Reddit.

$CARMA currently sits at around a $15 million market cap but at its ATH was almost four times that. Holders receive five percent of every transaction through reflections and percentages of fees also go to marketing, liquidity and charity. Its backers have teased big marketing activities upcoming, like: a possible endorsement from a high profile NFL QB, sponsoring a celebrity golf tournament and big spending on Google Ads.

Tiki Token

One of the newest entrants on the passive income crypto scene, Tiki Token ($TIKI) torched its way to popularity after being upvoted to the top of r/cryptomoonshots. Different from many of the reflective tokens, $TIKI pays out dividends in Binance Smart Chain coin (BNB). It even has a great webtool that helps you track your earnings and helps calculate what you could earn should you reinvest your BNB in more Tiki Tokens. The project claims to have paid out close to 19,000 BNB (about $6 million) in total since launching in June. The only catch is you have to hold at least 10,000 + 1 of $TIKI to share in the rewards.

The best reason for staying aware of this project is that its auto payouts are actually paying out as promised. When trading volume is high, auto deposits can equal as much as ten to twenty dollars per day for holding just over $100 worth of $TIKI.

Tiki Token currently has a market cap of around $8.7 million but has been as high as $40 million. Each Tiki Token purchase taxed at a fee of ten percent and each sale at twelve percent contribute to the BNB reflections to holders.

How To

To invest in any of the tokens listed here, you must use a process such as the following:

  1. Purchase BNB from a participating exchange, like
  2. Transfer your BNB to a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet, like TrustWallet
  3. Change your BNB to Smart Chain BNB
  4. Use PancakeSwap to swap your Smart Chain BNB for the token of your liking

Click here for more information on using PancakeSwap with TrustWallet.

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