Time to PUMP IT UP! – Bitcoin/Crypto Meme Review

With Bitcoin above $9000… it’s above 9k right? It’s time to review some happy crypto memes! More Crypto Meme Review: …

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  1. Small issue with crypto youtubers getting temp shadow bans by YouTube (probably to combat the scam livestreams that are going on) so hit the bell if you don't want to (likely) miss an upload!

    (I know this is a lot to ask!:)

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  4. That video clip that started at 44 and goes to about 109. Where did you find that I want to see it. or at least how do I find if I name

  5. I bought in early march at ~9k exactly one (1) day before the price caught the plague and started dropping
    Dumped all my cash in one go too
    Wish that wasnt even the first time that happened to me
    I fucking hate crypto

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