Top 3 Crypto DEFI Projects For June 2021 (Nations Buying Bitcoin)

In today’s video we will discuss the Top 3 DeFi crypto projects for June 2021. Is it time for a DeFi summer? We’ll be reviewing the Bitcoin & Ethereum price.


  1. Imagine a decentralized Etsy and Fiverr that accepts crypto? The collective is aiming to be the world first decentralized freelancer marketplace

  2. Hey there, jump onto The Collective Coin 4 days old and the price is only going up. Best usecase for any crypto out there acting as a crypto variant is the freelancing marketplace called "Fiverr". check the site, watch the AMA and read the whitepaper!!!!!!

  3. Collective coin is available on pancakeswap now.They just started so small market cap and 575 holders with max 3bnb.Hard cap was filled in 3 seconds. Audited by solidproff, Kyc done,find us on Telegram or Discord

  4. Most of the time I have to watch the video at anther time. Like right now your 11:30 show on 6/10 is your video for yesterday and it is not only your show it also happens to me with Crytobanner..It is frustrating but I still watch even if it’s later. I love you guys

  5. 🤔One would think that a guy with an $10m portfolio would invest in better quality shirts‼️😜🤣

  6. We should not be wanting to kill any legit cryptos or we will end up eating each other and the banks will end up on top again

  7. Can you make a video about Mirror protocol where you can buy stocks with crypto? we don't have all access on US stocks…thx

  8. I was here live this morning and listening to the replay again this afternoon to make sure I didn’t miss a thing! GO THE BITSQUAD…from 🇦🇺 with love 💗😊.

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