Top 5 Crypto NFT Games – Part 2 | Play to Earn Crypto Blockchain Games

Here at the Game Mag, we listen to the viewers and we heard loud and clear. While we’ve covered a lot of gaming topics, one of our most viewed videos is the …

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  1. Guys, what do you think regarding MIST NFT Game? It looks BRUTAL, maybe the best game in 2021-2022. It’s grown x10 and it’s still very very cheap. It’s expected to get x1000 from here ($0.14).

  2. For me Crypto Kittens is dead…. You have to buy 2 Kittens (2x 10€+8-15€ Gasfee) ~ 40-50 Euro then you breed them. Breedingcost: 0.008 ETH= 15€ + Gas !!!! 25€ for a new kitten you can only sell for 10 € when it has normal stats. When you got lucky maybe you find someone to buy your kitten…

  3. I have been playing Gods Unchained for awhile, and another thing that is cool are the free Core booster packs you get every level you rank up! Plus you get Epic pack every 10 levels, and a Legendary pack every 25 levels.. Also there is the weekend challenge to win free packs from the paid sets! (NFA/DYOR)

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