Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Games Ready to Explode | Jan 2022

Crypto games focusing on metaverse, and NFT gaming are on fire right now, and many altcoin and IDO projects are blowing up.

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  3. Honestly, all these games look absolutely terrible and you would have to pay me to even play them except FOTA but I see it is built on binnace scam chain so major red flag! Cyber trade is literally a rip-off of cyberpunk !!!! 9/10 if it's on Binance smart chain you going to get rugged. I bought this game called ERTHA yesterday looked cool I thought but seen SEVERAL major red flags on the token release and found 1 unlocked wallet holding 95% of the token supply meaning they are just waiting to dump everything on investors!!!! I luckily got out and lost like $50. You need to do better research or something at least tell your subscribers these are super high risk and should be looked at like buying a lottery ticket. You guys act like these are the next MANA…. These games look like dog shit and graphics from 2004

  4. What about Dreams Quest glad to see if you give reviews about this platform, the first dynamic NFT RPG game, it also is building the first-ever metaverse-based economy. Don't miss it launching this year🔥🎮

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