Top Ethereum Competitors! [The Next Big Crypto Platform]

Ethereum’s top rivals! Cardano, Solana, Terra Luna, and more crypto BINANCE $700 BONUS + 10% OFF FEES ▻▻ WEALTH …

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  1. sorry lark but avalanche Defi just reached 1.84 B $ TVL that means 1.5 B $ TVL in just a little 6 fucking days
    i think avalanche is the best Defi project at this moment not solana no ada exept eth 2.0 the probleme with solana is that solana is totally centralised and the others just try to copy past eth2.0 but avalanche is completely decentralised and the team bring new things to the blockchain world not only a white paper.

  2. May be time for a haircut Lark – got to keep sharp! Love your show, you're the most sensible out there. Sadly I have now started saying fricken a lot and calling people man, which raises eyebrows here in the UK!!

  3. I'll be more interested in these projects during the bear market. During the bull run, everything is pumping and money is being thrown around, so it's hard to separate the good projects from the ones riding the hype and speculation

  4. Code is the law! Eth devs broke their own law and will do it again and again and again…
    Cosmos, Terra, Cardano, Matic, Polkadot, Solana etc…no one broke the law. Code is the law!
    We need reboot as a society if we're gonna live in crypto world. No more worthless fiat, we need to stop looking crypto value in in fiat currency. The value of crypto is not in it's fiat value. We are just at the beginning of beautiful journey 👍
    Thx Lark

  5. NEAR is everything that ETH 2.0 has promised but it does it right now. NEAR is fast, cheap and scalable. Unlike ETH, NEAR is built for mass adoption, so as more people get into crypto, which they will NEAR is ready.

  6. Ha everywhere shouting – "Cardano, Solana". I do not understand them, I am sitting in the NEAR. There are fast transactions, which are also very cheap, ecosystem well growing and developing, staking, defi. DAO. Everything you need and everything is easy to use? Have you considered this coin?

  7. Top 5 Eth Competitors in correct order:

    1. Dot – because of its interoperability with every other blockchain. Extremely fast and cheap.
    2.EGOLD – ETH Layer 2 tech ready to go, super fast market cap is still low and cheap fees.
    3. ADA – super fast and cheap but nowhere near as interoperable as Dot.
    4. Solana – fast chain and cheap but still slower than Ada and dot but proof of history is very good tech.
    5. Luna – tokenomics is good as is the defi and performance of the network. speed is good but not as good as DOT egold ada and solana.
    6. Avalanche – good tokenomics but lags behind the others in terms of its tech. Still a good blockchain.

    We will live in a world where all of these blockchains will be able to have their own space, but dot is the only one that can make them all speak with each other. That’s my opinion.

  8. Love EGLD. So easy to stake and earn 10-14% annually. The tech behind it is brilliant as well. Most smart contract cryptos are inflationary af (like DOT), while elrond on the other hand has a maximum supply.

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