TRICKS and STRATEGIES to win into the GAME of FORKS. Applies on Hector Dao, Wonderland, Snowdog etc

CrazyDeFi is the section of this channel where we discuss the craziest platforms and strategies of the cryptospace. Each episode contains a new …

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  1. I would appreciate if you can reply but what do you think will happen to those forks like OLYMPUS DAO and TIME when the bear market comes .? Should we unstake before the bear market hits .? Please reply

  2. Nice video as always, i bought TIME almost 2weeks ago when it was 9.3k and i admit that i just jumped into cuz of the fomo,not smart i know🤣 since that moment its been fluctuating. Should i keep count of the decreasing price of the coin while i stacking or it wont affect the stacking and the companding?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Wonderland has the best ecosystem and vision going forward, cheap as gas fees on avalanche, and abracadabra setting it up! Not to mention it has Daniele Sesta behind it, aka the king of defi 2.0, absolute no brainer.

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