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  1. Kevin: "Now I'm confused"
    You were confused from the beginning. There's a tone of trying to expose something….but you don't really understand the inner-workings well enough to call valid attention to anything. I hate the useless interjections…Richard Heart will explain the shit thoroughly if fucking allowed…the problem is people get lost while he's explaining…then they feel a little stupid…so they want to steer back to something they think they understand. He should post lessons on youtube…like Gary Gensler's MIT sessions….then people could know better.

  2. lol at the readjustment that reveals you're wearing underwear with a business shirt. just like the rest of us on zoom. 
    dope interview. sending you big love.

  3. 1:25:37 Audits are pointless because auditors know absolutely nothing about the nuance of computer programming. For a world class computer programmer to explain how a codebase works to a normie that knows absolutely nothing about computer programming is like trying to explain to a dog the advantages and disadvantages of fuel injection and carburetors as they pertain to Ducati motorcycle engines. The difference in knowledge is a vast near unsurmountable chasm.

  4. I have to say, that was one of the BEST interviews, ON ANY SUBJECT BY ANY NEWS AGENCY, I have seen in years. The legitimate back and forth, not only of intellectual philosophy/tech/history of crypto/etc… The interviewer pulled no punches and Richard had legitimate answers. I do not pretend to understand all the tech talk behind the tech, but MAN did I learn a lot. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Good morning Richard, I am preparing to make a big sacrifice but want to be sure the ETH address is accepting BUSD from the BSC network.

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  8. Again what I say is in order for Hex to grow you need education for seniors who are untechy, perfect instuctions in slow modulated voice would certainly help inspire us to steak. Tell you network. I have watched tons of utubes and yet not one that is perfect!

  9. Apple Market Cap = $2,950,000,000,000
    Apple's Daily Volume = $22,500,000

    0.0008% of MC is done daily in volume.
    People complaining that low volume drags down price are WRONG.

  10. New to crypto, what book can I read? My mind is being blown, I need to learn much more. Question: Why do trading platforms not allow you to take certain coins off their platform?

  11. I've been following Richard since 2017. Free claimed my Hex with my BTC. Been following Kevin, donated to his campain for Governor. Was excited to see the stream and was not disapointed. I knew Richard would do great, but Kevin really surprised me with the great interview. I only watched Meet Kevin for Real Estate content. Fantastic on both sides.

  12. What is with these people not understanding what a dex is or a dex aggregator. Doesn't know what 1incj is… No credibility.

    This was another good one. Fast paced answers in this round. Solid interview.Was also nice both of you kept level heads.

  13. I like what Richard is communicating. The he is able to correct so many of the errors present in the questions posed to him. He corrects and then educates. He exposes the rip off market makers and exchanges. Very interested in HEX.

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