URGENT MESSAGE FOR CRYPTO INVESTORS [Not Clickbait] | Re- “Biggest Bitcoin News”, Crypto News

Crypto markets had a relief rally today which caused a massive sigh of ‘relief’ for many new investors. However, one day in the positive doesn’t equal a new bull …

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  1. I believe in Trading multiple Cryptocurrencies despite the fact price of Bitcoin wasn't encouraged at the moment it's Traded Stock are always Profiting . I bought my second home regarding with the Profit I made Recently worth amount of $730,000 in 4 days trade . Although it's wasn't easy cos it's took mine lot's of sleepiness night to trade Bitcoin.

  2. Guys if youre are lookinf for a 100x token. I have a project that had a mc of 7 million. It dropped to 90k and is now rising again at over 450k.

    DripX is the first fashionable token buy it now thank me later.

  3. Bitcoin holders need to know who exactly owns big amounts of tether. Whats the real value of it compared to its assets. Is this the secret pump and dump of bitcoin?. The same cycle is happening over and over bleeding bitcoin dry of their investment whike they hold and there will come a time it will crash to zero. Thats usually when investors ask the rational questions.

  4. This is all timed FUD and shit . You sadly are the target of that shit info, so that you can feed it to the frenzied retail market, and then they get dumped on. Im HODLer so dont really care about the day to day. Only way to win for sure with zero stress is to unsub all the YouTube crypto channels, go to beach as they say. Come back in 3-5 years and see what your bag is worth then . Madness to use leverage . IF people didn't use leverage and didn't watch crypto fud channels the market would be much more stable than it now is .

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