VeChain is an Underrated Cryptocurrency? Best Crypto to buy Right Now

What is a Good Crypto to buy Right Now? 

When you have some USD in your portfolio it can be hard to decide which crypto is the best to purchase. No one wants to loose money but we don’t want to miss out on an underrated cryptocurrency either. Well, one of those cryptocurrencies may be VeChain which has a market cap of about $5.5 billion.

The crypto market obviously has a lot of potential in the future and I will tell you why VET may be one of the cryptos that everyone would wish to have invested in when it was still below $0.10. 

What is VeChain?

VeChain is a blockchain-powered supply chain platform and their aim is to distribute governance as well as IoT technology so that they can create an ecosystem which can solve major problems with supply chain management. The VeChain platform uses VET and VTHO as its main tokens and their aim is to boost the efficiency and transparency of supply chains while reducing costs and giving individual users more control. 

This is important because most other crypto networks  some sort of exchange in which people can transfer money but VeChain is very different. This means that VeChain stands out from the competition and as the crypto community grows more and more, it will have a good chance of catching on and becoming a network that everyone uses. 

Price Prediction

Right now we are heading towards a pivotal moment for VeChain because the price is about to hit the barrier at $0.0829. If VET is able to pass the $0.0829 barrier, we will likely enter a bull market and the price of VET can go all the way up to about $0.12 in the best case scenario. Of course, that price is unlikely but if it can break the barrier it will most likely reach about $0.10 giving investors a good amount of profits. 

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The cryptocurrency market is volatile as always. In stocks or most other investments there is gradual increase and decrease but in crypto one day you might make a 30% gain and the next day you may lose 50%. The trick is to know when the market is going to go up so that you can be sure to sell before it comes down, because holding crypto is likely going to cause you to loose money especially if you are only planning on holding for a year or so. Right now a cryptocurrency that seems to be really well to buy is XRP. XRP is the currency that runs on RippleNet which gives it an edge over other cryptocurrencies. 

What is RippleNet?

XRP is a cryptocurrency and it runs on a digital platform called RippleNet; which can be used for payment. RippleNet itself is run by a company but unlike other currencies it does not use blockchain for transactions but rather it uses a distributed ledger database. With RippleNet users can instantly transfer money globally through a…..

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