VIDEO NFTs with Internet Legend & Digital Visionary Leader Halsey Minor, Platform Concept VID Token

Share Your World / Halsey Minor discusses how Live Planet will meld the power of the sharing economy with incentive models with decentralization to create the …

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  1. The current use of NFTs by many e.g. jpgs, graphics tied to a unique identifier so it can be traded… is just scratching the surface of its capabilities and use cases. When you look at only those activities and how a simple jpeg can sell for massive amounts, no doubt it can be seen as just a craze.
    What VID enables is a whole new world use of NFT technology; imagine a digital signature attached to a physical designer bag- with info on the artisan, making process, specifications etc… that consumers are able to access, add to and use for authentication.
    Imagine a piece of film/digital content with a signature that can be tracked- so each time it's watched or used can send royalties to the original creator.
    These are just some examples of innovations VID is bringing to the world via NFT… it's a new frontier & it's going to be absolutely massive.

  2. The ‘free pass’ speech should have been sufficient to give insider dealing profits and ETH/BTC kick backs to the active parties, but noooooo, they had to try and DESTROY XRP Ripple by bringing that law suit because they knew and know XRP and Ripple are the biggest threat to their intended China world domination plan and even now, as they see their plan of destruction by way of litigation evaporate to the ether ( pun intended ), their hope is that the Chinese will get their November launch of the Chinese governed BSN network up in front of Ripple/xrp. AND WHO WILL RUN CHAINS ON THIS BSN NETWORK? E-T-H! What a fricking surprise.

  3. What can I say, Crypto Eri? The rabbit holes that you delve into are incredibly insightful…

    The video content that you provide is really "spot on" with the content that you are providing your viewers.

    Many thanks for making some sense out of our global cryptographic bubble we are currently witnessing. Big 😃.

    How early/lucky are we to witness all of these protocols becoming so utility driven? There is so much passion placed in all the programmable applications there is no wonder why tribalism exists among the cryptosphere? I love how you challenge those
    that have strong funneled beliefs about certain asset classes and tame the shrew… Big smiles! Again, your investigational skills have been so instrumental for many of us in this space!

    I realize that none of your content is intended as financial advice nor your featured fluff content being displayed for greed of sales. What irony should be placed on all this verbiage as one watches the tyrannical reign of Gary Gensler invade our sandbox??? What are your personal feelings as to how this will play out? Do you believe that he will gun after all of the exchanges demanding retail investor information in order to subpoena us as well? Who will protect the US Citizen? This has been becoming a real growing concern for me. I am on SSDI with a few investments in crypto just looking to supplement my income source due to economical hyperinflational challenges!

    I know that you say that you read all of your responses and have even acknowledged a post or two of mine but would really enjoy a comment from you, if you could afford the time? Blessings to you and yours, always.

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