Want Massive Gains in Crypto? Focus on Fundamentals! – Nature Walk

With everyone making mad gains trading s***coins, you might ask “why bother studying fundamentals?” But in this nature walk, I’ll explain why I believe those …

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  3. Very interesting like your give tips about new projects under the radar , so I will suggest you to have a look at Secret Network, they are doing a interesting job with privacy smart contract and at the moment is happening a swap from Enigma (ENG) to SCRT (Secret).

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  6. Problem is many don't have enough money to just stay in those "boring" projects and just hodl, they need to risk with small projects until they reach a good amount of money and then they will return to the blue chips.

  7. I've been holding BTC since 2015 and i've really enjoyed the benefits of holding long term. I was advised to start investing and was properly counseled by " Dana Emery " She's currently the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director of Fixed Income at Dodge & Cox. Thanks to her strategy, i now earn passively with an ROI worth 5X the capital invested within the interval of 3 weeks.. I believe that was the right move to make.

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  9. Blockchain's BIGGEST Moment (Could Bitcoin Save the United States in 2020?)
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  10. I plan to sell 20% after any 2X parabola and reinvest when the pullbacks level off at -25 to -50%. If BTC/ETH keep rising i'll keep selling 20% increments. My plan is to shift alcoins into BTC before the USA elections. I think the USD economy will collapse regardless of which septagenarian and reality TV star wins. Young people will run to that weird "new" thing called BTC. It is the only thing they've heard of. And who will use all these glimmering smart contracts when there is no longer a public economy to implement? DeFi is a bit too early I think. And make no mistake, I hope I am wrong. Praying in fact.

  11. Vi will bounce back hard so make sure to pick some up on this dip. It's trading at around $0.30 and will break $1 before Q4.

    Vid app is taking over from Tik Tok and has super strong fundamentals. US based, secures user data, and pays out fairly. One of the strongest blockchain projects around.

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