Cardano continues to hit new all-time highs fueled by new crypto investors buying all time high prices! In this video, we discuss the financial dangers of buying …

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  2. I got in $0.9 do you think we’ll see a below 1 ADA ever again? I told friends to get in at that spot and stake but no one did and now want to know if buying in at $4 is a good idea :/

  3. But like… there are safer bets than ada… there are higher ceilings/bigger gains to found elsewhere… I don't get the appeal of ada with all of its speculative crap considered.

  4. Jason, on a more serious note, why are they shooting rescue dogs in your country? What is going on over there, in the US it looks like the Nazis is taking your country over. How much longer are you Aussie's going to put up with this BS? What are you going to do wait until they come for your property? I thought you Ozzie's were tough. I hear your neighbors are ratting on each other. Get off your knees and stand up like men.

  5. CardandoADA is the coinbase cryptocurrency that going to rocket 🚀 to the moon. It's has the best technology it's faster than bitcoin. It's had advanced technology features they going to have their own credit card 💳

  6. Your "dollar cost averaging" is not DCA — it's buying a fixed quantity despite the price.
    Your "pyramiding" is actually dollar cost averaging — because you're buying the same total dollar value of ADA each time (roughly).
    Usually like your videos but this is a long, not-very-thought-through video where you came up with your own terms to actually just say, "you should dollar cost average"

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