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  1. I'm really so excited about making money in bitcoin although I have been scammed with many people online claiming to be expert trader until a friend of mine introduce to Mr chris Rodriguez who's taught me how to trade a successful trading

  2. how many times can i buy and sell a coin in a day ? suppose i bought 1 coin in 10 rupees and after 5 minutes it goes to 11rs so i sell it and earn 1rs as profit and after 5 minutes price dropped at 10 again so i repeat the same thing. so how many times can i repeat buy or sell ? is there any limit of it.

  3. Use the code "" kvjeptaj"" in creating your Wazirx account to get 50% OFF on your trading fees and you will also get some initial discount in trading.. 😇🙏

  4. mining Bitcoin is great but it's only sporadically rewarding that's why trading in Bitcoin would be more profitable than mining, I trade the crypto market and best believe I earn over $1 BTC every fortnight trading the crypto market.

  5. Great content. I always advise people not to sell out their cryptos especially when its price is reducing. Meanwhile making profit in crypto and forex at large requires you investing and as a beginner, you'll need an expert who would guide you while making investments because trading forex ain't really easy as some people might think. You might end up running losses without proper guidance and tutelage from an expert. Mrs Stephenie has been my broker of all time, I’m forever grateful to her for helping me attain this life of financial freedom.

  6. 10.44 पैसा के रेट से आपने WRX Coin लिए थे 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ,,,,,,आज इसका रेट सिर्फ और सिर्फ आठ नो महिने के अंदर लगभग 25 गुणा बढ़ चूका है और अभी फिलहाल 220 रूपए के आस पास रेट है। ,,, ,,,,, सर आपने थोड़ा जल्द बाज़ी कर दी सर ,,,,,,,387× 220=85,000 रूपए होते आपके पास। 4,000 रूपए लगाने के बदले में 😂😂😂😂😂।

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