Wells Fargo to Offer Crypto Investment to Qualifying Clients | The Hash – CoinDesk TV

Jumping on the crypto investment bandwagon, Wells Fargo is the latest in a string of big banks to off its clients access to the crypto markets. “The Hash” panel …

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  1. wouldn't it be ironic if Lehman Brothers fully emerged from it's bankruptcy to become a CryptoBank! BTC was born during the 2008/09 Lehman Bros. demise and now after 150+ years as a fiat bank, Lehman Bros could be a CryptoBank…it's possible. Lehman is nearing the end of its bankruptcy and it has many many Billions in net operating losses that will be wasted if not fully utilized…NOL's can be utilized by merging with other banks or just go back into business with a clean slate and no taxes for years to come. What would be a good name for a new (former Lehman) cryptobank? how about CryptoBrothers??? CryptoBros…

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