What is Crypto Art & Should You Care?

In this video I will be breaking down what this new thing called crypto art is and should you as an artist care about it. Patreon …


  1. NFTs maybe are the door to the privatization of life.. the only liberating cirborgization will be opensource….. I would like to know your opinion as a blender user

  2. My problem with this is that for anyone who’s been alive more than a day… who actually believes that blockchains or NFTs are safe? Everything gets hacked. :/. I guess it’s a matter of getting what you can while it’s still “unhackable”.

  3. "You will own it you will have it"? Still, screenshots can be taken, shared, I can screenshot your art and use it as a wallpaper for free.

  4. its actually a stupid idea, that a few rich people started by tricking the public into thinking it had value. with fake million dollar purchases which makes its way back to the owner, people will think its the new american dream and people are so stupid they fall for it.

  5. The whole crypto art thing sounds super nice and like a dream.
    But if you research the downsides and how much harm it deals to the planet everyone should realize that the only good solution is to stay away from it until there are mor environmental friendly solutions.

    So please, think if it‘s worth the damage done to the planet before you put out crypto art.
    I was hyped as well at first but doing some more research revealed the huge downsides connected to it.

    I think there should be more videos talking about that topic than everyone jumping the hype train on how to become rich by selling crypto art.

  6. kinda sucks that those websites are gatekept. makes it hard for starting artists to join before they get really famous or super good

  7. Thanks for the info, I was so confused when I saw it on Twitter. People were so upset at an artist I follow for saying he was doing ‘CryptoArt’

  8. So, what stops anyone from just… finding digital art online and claiming it as their one using this NFT system while you're waiting for applications on these websites?
    This all sounds nice and all trying to get artists to make more money with their own work, but doesn't this seem like an even more complex way for art theives to easily make money through this system by distributing NFT marked artwork and forcing other artists to jump onto this bandwagon as fast as possible to prevent the theft of their work?

  9. it looks pretty cool but at the same time pretty stupid. maybe it works for famous artists or company to sell movie or game arts But for ordinary people I don’t think it’s going to pick up it’s probably going to be something like Cryptcoin or you also have the chance to become an art market, something to go ahead of the commission market.

  10. Hey great video, thank you! I'm a 3D artist and I'm of course quite intrigued by this new hype about cryptoart, on the other end I've heard a lot of talking about minting your artpieces having a terrible impact over the environment, wich holds me from putting my pieces for sale. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

  11. Isn't this only beneficial for already established artists? Someone who is unknown within the art community wouldn't be able to make a name for themselves in this space, they would be drowned out by the larger names and thus their art would have no value. The value of the artwork lies behind the artist that created it much like "real life art". So you need to have a following online that would already be interested in owning one of your artworks. As a smaller artist getting into this isn't worth it due to the sky high gas fees, correct?

  12. Im really interested to see how this can benefit other art-forms, not just computer generated graphics. Photography for example, it could really benefit from selling limited editions and offering a print also. The only difficulty there, is that it makes it hard to re-sell. Since your'e not handing over any copyrights the secondary purchase has no print… So the sale would have to be limited to a single edition. But I don't see any photography on these platforms.

  13. Is there a way to sell my paintings by making a photo of it as well? And what about the original painting? Tips please!

  14. Many thanks. Is it true that you can only give out one picture. so its quite important to get the best platform. but what happens when anohter website becomes even more popular. I just delete my works and upload to next site again? so confused 😛

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