Why Every Crypto Investor Should Use Leverage: The Cryptogenic Leverage Strategy

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  1. I was following your strategy it was working perfectly but got liquidated in this dump . Banks in India are not allowing us to do any type of exchange and international payment . Unable to join the patron group 😔 I am really panicking brother please I need your guidance.

  2. Big brother any update on LTC/BTC ????? What should we do shall we wait??? will this strategy work in future??????

  3. Big Brother people are saying that don't invest in LTC/BTC because bitcoin will be going to gain more value compare to litecoin. And LTC/BTC will fall in value ! they are saying me to invest in ltc/usdt because that will pump and i should invest in LTC/BTC in the end of the bull run because then it will start pumping. So big brother what is your take on this ??? Please make a video on LTC/BTC also. Thank you !

  4. Just came across your channel and recently joined. Great analyses , charts and flow . Not new to markets or crypto but looking to sharpen skills & be a more active trader . Considering joining on Patreon , is there still Platinum availability ? Thanks

  5. If you pulled out what you originally invested in Cryptos…theres no such thing as LEVERAGE! Your playing with house satoshi monies! Point Blank Period! Enjoy the rest of your gains when this thing moons! 🚀🚀🚀

  6. I put 2.000 XRP on BCD when it's at 2$, now i can swap it for 8.000 XRP or let it run to the moon 🌕
    My big bags XRP is still safely stored for moon target 120$.

  7. Let’s go! What exchange are you using? I guess, I can use KuCoin or BitMart. I’ve been practicing on trading view, making charts… but I’ve never done a leverage trade! 😳 I might need a community for this one. 🤓

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