Why I Started Using BlockFi For Crypto Investing

Why I Started Using BlockFi For Crypto Investing ** This is NOT advice from a financial advisor. Do your own research before engaging in any type of investment.

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  1. Been looking and researching into crypto the past 2 weeks now. Been talking a lot about investments with my older brothers too. They haven't tried blockfi for their crypto investments though. Clicked on your affiliate link and made a blockfi account for myself. Taking your advice about my meager % bank savings account and slowly invest little by little into this account and build it overtime for my future.

    Gonna keep up on tabs with your channel for updates on financial and research advice.

    Thanks Rantin!

  2. Is it difficult to take crypto from say Coinbase and switch it to BlockFi? I’ve been buying crypto on cash app but I want to take advantage of the interest BlockFi offers. Also do you recommend buying stock in Coinbase now that it is being publicly traded and also BlockFi when that goes public?

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