Why I Wrap My MEMO & OHM (Position Strategy)

In this video I explain to you the reasons why you might want to consider wrapping your TIME Wonderland MEMO and OlympusDAO OHM. I mainly use TIME …

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  1. Hello. I saw a lot of videos, and finally I realised how wMEMO works thanks to your explication!
    Also, then, I have a question.
    Imagine I wrap MEMO and I hold it 1 year. I would have 1 wMEMO after and before.
    But then someone (the same year later) buys TIME and later they wrap the same quantity, 1 wMEMO.

    We would have the same wMEMO, but I would have staked it 1 year ago.
    My wMEMO would cost more than his wMemo?

  2. Just wanna say thank you to everyone sharing their knowledge and engaging in this, and many other defi related topics. It's this collaboration that will ultimately bring change we wish to see, and allow us to all work towards financial freedom one day. Frog nation, baby.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos for us. I wrapped my Memo & would like to put it back on the wonderland site. When I paste in the token address from the wonderland site, it tells me it is invaild address. I an new to Defi and still learning.

  4. What I am wondering. If you wrapped your tokens on Monday, then Tuesday you buy more time and stake them. Do they automatically go into the wrapped Time token you already have? That is something I see no one discussing. As that kind of defeats the idea of adding more time tokens over a longer time period.

  5. That was really a good explanation. Wonderland added a wrap feature. Can you take a look and explain how it would work with the strategy you explained, or if it is now easier wit wonderland..

  6. Awesome video.. If there was a worse case scenario and the price bottomed out you are wrapped so you are no longer compounding token count, just increasing value.
    would your wrapped memo still increase value with a price fallout? and if you unwrapped would you lose it all?

  7. I staked my time token and then wrapped my memo on abracadabra using trust wallet. All of the sudden today I can no longer access abracadabra using trust wallet. It says to get metamask. How can I access my wrapped memo? I'm frantic

  8. The codeinteracting within the token is not a taxable event because it is not a self custody txn – protocols backends do not affect taxation – it is the txn you interact with on the chain – not your assts

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