Why was Bitcoin invented? | Cryptocurrency Investing with Nischal Shetty – Episode 1 | Ankur Warikoo

Invest in Cryptocurrency, but from a point of awareness – Welcome to the first masterclass of a 6-part video course called Cryptocurrency Investing with Nischal …

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    Welcome to the first masterclass of a 6-part video course called Cryptocurrency Investing with Nischal Shetty, founder of WazirX – India's largest Cryptocurrency exchange.

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  2. hi Ankur. you are saying that crypto /bitcoin is limited. nischal said about 21 milion total bit coin. But what about daily mining of bitcoins ? so many people are mining crypto so their number is also increasing daily. Please explain this

  3. As always enjoyed your videos. Are you aware about the Certificate Program on Crypto/Bitcoin by IIT KANPUR. What do you think of the course, and can you recommend any other programs/courses for Crypto

  4. What are the dark side of software currency? What is the carbon footprint attached to it? To use this we need a good literate person and this is very much prone to hacking and losing a lot. What if you forget the credentials to unlocking it?
    I'm still waiting for my eyes to flutter but not for money but for a brand new GPU to play AAA titles. Kahan gaye sab ke sab. I have right to complain of this mining situation.

  5. During the dreadful lockdown I made lots of profit investing with Mrs kathleen, I was able to build a big income stream still hungry for more profits.

  6. Please @warikoo warn people in your video. Lot of scammer are commenting under the video and people giving watsapp number to scammers. Help your audience.

  7. Sir I am a student. I love your videos. It's amazing and your concept are crystal clear. I trully admire you a lot. Love you alot Sir. Keep making such awesome and amazing videos.😊❤

  8. Sir, the value of cryptocurrency increases and decreases in the market, same as inflation happens with FIAT currency. If we own 1 Bitcoin, it will remain 1 bitcoin only but it's value can inc. or dec. and same happens with FIAT, foe example, if we own ₹20 now, it's value won't be the same after 2 years due to inflation, so centralized or not, their values can change with time in the market

  9. Investing successfully in forex requires the expertise of a professional broker that is why i have made profit since i started trading with Mrs Shirley Moore she is the best.

  10. Nice one here, though i prefer trading with the help of a professional trader, I believe it saves me time and reduces the crypto risks involved in managing my trades.

  11. I love the concept of crypto and the thoughts put behind its existence. But if every day new and new crypto comes into the picture, it kinda defeats the purpose. This again means unlimited supplies and will witness a similar challenge that we are facing currently with FIAT currency. So how does it solve the problem?

  12. Hi @warikoo, Thank you for sharing your learning’s, each of them being quite insightful. Just on the subject, what is your personal view between exchange platforms WazirX and Vauld ? Your thoughts would be of value.

  13. @warikoo – there is an issue going on with wazirx. Ed posted a notice over vialotion of f
    FEMA rules. I don't know about who is right or wrong but any one under radar should not be promoted. Rest your videos are awesome. Regular viewer.

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