Why Youtube Censored My Videos ? Attack on Crypto ?

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  1. I am going from the same situation we have around 30 YouTube channels related to dream11 fantasy league having the same community guidelines Strike with harmful and dangerous policy like you anda problem is also not yet , no contact no reason by YouTube tell what to do

  2. Nice video Ady Brother. I think app Jaise crypto Influencers ko dhire dhire Decentralize Video platform ke taraf Move karna chahiye. kyun ki kuch bada hone se bachana hoga na ki uska wait karna.

    And i think you need to start mention you other Decentralized video platform channel in all video in youtube.

    we all support you and other crypto youtubers.

  3. Bhai kya pata google aur youtube sirf check karna chahta ho ke iss sabh ke peeshey kitne log hai aur kitney log Cryptocurrency ko support kartey hai aur iska bahri duniya par koi asar padta bhi he ja nahi(ho sakta hai ke google bhi apni entry ki tyaari kar raha ho after Facebook)

  4. Ady Bhai it's obvious ki Google crypto ko hi target Kar Raha hai. We are with you all crypto YouTubers no Matter what medium you use to communicate us. Just hum logoko Apne decentralised channel Ka link bhej dena aur agar hum logon ko wo app use Karna na aye to wo bhi sikha dena. Isi Tarah us decentralised app ki viewership bhi badhegi 👍😀 what say?

  5. At the same time they cleaned crypto apps in Playstore as well (Meta mask app removed) so it was a clear move. Itna bada issue can't be by mistake.
    They didn't mention what exactly was the technical error. Normally such errors will have deep blog post explaining technically what went wrong.

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